Expertise in Role-Plays
for Assessment Centres and Seminars

Placement Service

The has been providing clients with qualified and experienced role-players for assessment centres and seminars since 2003. Our members of staff master the professional requirements of assessment centres on a regular basis and perform their roles as customers, employees or supervisors in an authentic and professional manner. As a specialized provider, we have been able to develop extensive expertise in our field over the years. It is our experience in the realization of our clients’ specific requirements as well as our excellently trained role-players that give you various opportunities in the fields of HR diagnostics and development.

Advanced Training

Not only do we provide you with professional role-players for assessment centres and seminars, but we also train HR development managers and trainers in the methodological usage as well as the analysis and evaluation of role-plays.

Your opportunities with professional role-play!

As a sparring partner, we support the further development of your ideas for possibly using role-players in diagnostics and HR development, offering our expertise in conceptualization and implementation planning. In this way, many successful customized formats have already been created in collaboration with our clients. find out more