Come Join Our Team!

We are looking for role-players to be employed in assessment centres and seminars throughout Germany. As a role-player, you should be 24 or older, display a demeanour that is appropriate to a business context and have some professional experience. Thorough knowledge of procedures of HR diagnostics and business fluent English are welcomed but not required.

This job cannot be practised full-time, but offers you an interesting addition to your studies, career or family activities. Freelance work as well as short-term employment are possible. We coordinate your assignments in a way that enables you to confirm and plan suitable appointments. These take place on weekdays and require your basic willingness to travel. Because of the extensive training process, we expect you to remain available for at least one year.

The number of assignments varies widely and depends on your availability as well as client requests. Trainings always take place in Bielefeld.

Five Reasons Why Role-Players Are in Good Hands at the Agency.

  1. If you consider your personal development an important and exciting issue, then our team is the perfect place for you. Professional role-play is sure to be a major challenge to your personality. Together with your colleagues, you develop your abilities in a highly motivated team. An instructor and a team coordinator support your development process with plenty of feedback and training. Ask former role-players: If you bring commitment, flexibility and initiative, it will be worth your while!
  2. Through trainings and assignments, many role-players significantly improve their skills in conversation and conflict management over the course of their employment: Their persuasiveness and assertiveness reach a new level.
  3. Especially for students focusing on organizational psychology or human resources, this job offers good insight into organizations’ practices of HR diagnostics. In many cases, successful role-players swap directly into a job on the client side.
  4. The team itself offers you an interactive network. You will find many interesting career opportunities, exciting topics from psychology and much more.
  5. Fair payment.