Our Role-Players

2022 Vermittlung von professionellen Rollenspielern

We are…

… a team of ten people who care about role-playing. Various professions and age groups make for a lively and versatile agency. Each member of staff contributes to our expertise with a specific ability or skill – from knowledge about financial services or fluent English to leadership experience or the development of methods for preparing conversations. The experience as well as the feedback that the role-players receive from role-playing assignments help them immensely in further developing their assertiveness and negotiation skills.

In Bielefeld, team coordinator Veronika Giesbrecht and role-playing coach Christoph Kraft ensure smooth internal communication as well as the continual qualitative development of our members of staff. The founder and managing director Bernd Schiffmann is responsible for a good and direct connection with the client, legal certainty as well as conceptual tasks.

Preparing the Role-Players for Your Specific Requirements

Our role-players are specifically prepared by an experienced trainer supervisor before each placement in your assessment centre or seminar. In this, we place particular emphasis on the conveyance of the specific professional requirements that have been agreed upon with the client, as well as the consideration of the company’s and the field’s specific characteristics. We make sure our role-players have a deep understanding of their role and its functions.

Our Standard of Quality

Cross-cutting trainings, clearly defined internal processes and a responsible person in charge of your wishes guarantee high quality in the business.roleplay.agency. This becomes visible in our excellently qualified role-players, our reliable work processes and our efficient and smooth communication with you as our client. Transparency matters to us: Online videos of current role-play preparations provide you with the opportunity to influence despite large distances gain your own impression of our standards.