Placement Service

The offers you a pool of trained and experienced role-players for your assessment centre. The agency’s staff has years of experience in authentically portraying customers, employees and supervisors.

The Pool

The role-players are carefully selected and trained. Together with you, we choose a role-player who fits the profile of the required role regarding age, temperament and professional experience.

Role-Players in the Assessment Centre

Currently, our customers are predominantly employing role-players provided by us in assessment centres. All our role-players have a good understanding of methods of personnel diagnostics, know the demands of moderators and observers at assessment centres and are guaranteed to depict the necessary criteria in a professional way. Before sessions, role-players will discuss their respective characters with you and keep themselves available to you for further consultation.

Role-Playing Experts in Seminars

The agency’s role-players are valuable additions to your sales-, conflict- and negotiation-seminars. Role-players with many years of experience can also be employed in more extraordinary assignments. For example, experts of the have re-enacted complex pre-defined personality profiles or portrayed highly differentiated UX – customer typologies in English.

We Have It All Covered

We guarantee that our customers will have at least one role-player available to them at all times. Even in the event of a role-player dropping out due to illness we will readily provide you with an equally qualified replacement.

We offer you reliable contacts to exchange information and coordinate changes in an uncomplicated and timely manner. Even when you are collaborating with a team of role-players, the persons in charge will take care of passing on information to everyone involved.

The training of role-players is in the hands of role-playing instructor and coach Christoph, while the preparation of role-players for their respective role requirements is further supervised by Veronika. In the case of recurrent assignments, we make sure that you can count on a permanent team of role-players, who offer you and your in-house customers reliability as familiar faces.

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